10 Incredible Eco-Hostels in the World


Hostels are cheap and sociable ways to stay when visiting different parts of the world. Whether you are travelling alone or as part of a group, a hostel provides the perfect way to make new friends and learn about the local area.

As more of us become aware of our impact upon the planet, we have begun to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. One excellent way to do this is by changing our vacation habits. Long car drives, flights, expensive hotels with air-conditioning and heated swimming pools all contribute to the amount of greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere.

Therefore, it is important to start changing our habits and becoming more environmentally conscious. The following hostels are all eco-friendly establishments that will help you on your carbon neutral journey.

1. Mellow Eco Hostel Barcelona, Spain

This beautiful, bright hostel is located in the quiet district of Horta. They use renewable solar energy to heat hot water tanks located on the building’s roof. They also recycle, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and only run the air-conditioner when it’s absolutely necessary.

It has all the modern amenities such as luggage store, Wi-Fi, etc. All dinners are served on the communal patio around the BBQ for a more social experience.