Why Every City Should Have the Sidewalks Like in Boston


Now I am waiting for rain with great patience. Why? Because I love those Boston’s sidewalks that are covered in secret poems, which I can only see when it rains. Now it turns out, I am not alone. While checking my Facebook feed, I saw the video posted by New York Magazine and thought, “Wow, it is a great way to show others how to boost people’s mood during the dull weather.”

Really, who of you can truly enjoy the dull, rainy weather? Just check your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed when it rains outside and you will see that the majority of people hate it. Rainy weather can be awesome too, especially if you live in Boston.

Boston’s sidewalks are fantastic examples that other cities worldwide should consider following. If you do not live in Boston, add it to your travel bucket list.

There are four poems in different Boston neighborhoods – each provides a month or two of hidden poetry every time it rains. Just watch: