7 Popular Myths about Private Jet Charters


Standing in a seemingly endless line at an airport, going through long and intimidating security checks, and sitting in an overly crowded and unbearably noisy airplane are all the reasons why many people opt for private jet charters. At the same time, most people avoid even thinking about private jet travel.

Money is not the only stopper, though. There are a number of unfounded beliefs about private jet charters that prevent many of us from traveling worldwide in a comfortable yet affordable way. If you are looking to upgrade your aircraft experience, here are the most common myths about private jet charters that you should absolutely ignore.

1. The destination list is too limited

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Just like commercial airlines, private jet charters have some restrictions when it comes to travel destinations. But they can take you to plenty of airports worldwide that most commercial airlines have no access to.

This is a perfect solution for those travel junkies who want to explore untouched lands or business travelers who have no idea how to get to the needed destination.

2. Flying commercial is faster

Private jet travel is a lot faster than commercial flights and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and someone you should never believe.

Have you ever traveled without long lines and harsh security measures in the airport? How many times did you end up waiting for a delayed flight or worse canceled flight?

While I am definitely not advertising private jet charters, they are much faster than commercial flights. This is my personal experience.

3. Private jet charters are for wealthy people only

This myth is probably spread by people who know nothing about private jet travel. No one is to blame. I thought this way too. I am a huge travel junkie but at the same time, I am a poor writer who faces financial crisis every now and then.

Last month, when I needed to get to the place that commercial airlines have no access to, I was ready to swipe my credit card to fly on a private jet. As it turned out that wasn’t as expensive as I was told. The price was equal to the first-class ticket in a commercial airline.

Depending on your travel destination, the prices might be much lower than those of commercial flights. Do your research in advance, and you will definitely find the best prices for you.

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4. The private jet charter pricing is a rocket science

If you have ever booked an airline ticket for a commercial flight, you will not have trouble booking a private jet charter. The pricing is totally clear. Sure, it all depends on the private jet company you choose.

5. The comfort level is equal

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Guess, why do so many business people fly on a private jet? Because the comfort level is actually high. You can either take a nap or accomplish your project and no one will bother you. Space is an important factor to me.

Private jet travel gives me even more space than I need. Less stress, less hustle. Isn’t it great?

6. Private jet charters are not suitable for pregnant women and families with kids

Whether you are pregnant, have a newborn baby, or a child under 7, you can easily opt for private jet charters.

Most private jet companies arrange family flights without extra charge. The only thing they can ask you is your doctor’s permission to fly during your 3rd trimester.

7. Private jet travel is not safe

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Safety is a tricky thing. If you are considering private jet travel for the first time, safety might be your biggest concern. The last thing you want to do when flying is to worry about your own life instead of relaxing and enjoying the view.

Just like commercial flights, private jet charters are regulated by FAA safety standards. They carefully monitor the private jet charters so you can be sure of your security.

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Private jet travel has its own downsides, just like commercial flights do. However, considering private jet charters is certainly worth it. Do not believe in myths, believe in your own experience.