7 Popular Myths about Private Jet Charters


Standing in a seemingly endless line at an airport, going through long and intimidating security checks, and sitting in an overly crowded and unbearably noisy airplane are all the reasons why many people opt for private jet charters. At the same time, most people avoid even thinking about private jet travel.

Money is not the only stopper, though. There are a number of unfounded beliefs about private jet charters that prevent many of us from traveling worldwide in a comfortable yet affordable way. If you are looking to upgrade your aircraft experience, here are the most common myths about private jet charters that you should absolutely ignore.

1. The destination list is too limited

Photo: monarchairgroup.com

Just like commercial airlines, private jet charters have some restrictions when it comes to travel destinations. But they can take you to plenty of airports worldwide that most commercial airlines have no access to.

This is a perfect solution to those travel junkies who want to explore untouched lands or business travelers who have no idea how to get to the needed destination.