What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth


Nigersaurus is a unique dinosaur that translates as «Nigerian lizard» because its remains were found in the modern Republic of Niger territory. This animal was known for having over 500 teeth. Your Twitter friends ask you, «What dinosaur has 500 teeth?» If so, scroll down the page below and learn about this rapidly spreading meme.

General Characteristics of a Nigersaurus

Photo credit: pinterest.com

As mentioned, the Nigersaurus is an enormous herbivorous animal that fed exclusively on grass-fed food. The creature moved mainly on four legs and reached 30 feet in length. At the same time, the dinosaur weighed 4-5 tons, much more than the standard weight of an African elephant.

The Nigersaurus is thought to have originated in central-northern Africa, and numerous bones have been found in Niger, Tunisia, and Algeria.

Nigersaurus’ Distinctive Features

Nigersaurus is considered to be distinctive for its 500-plus teeth. Some scientists call it the strangest dinosaur ever seen. It is believed that the nigersaurus used its large and wide mouth, resembling a vacuum cleaner, to pick up food in the area of the modern Sahara in search of nourishment.

The construction of its jaws and the unique structure of its teeth made it the hero of some humorous images. Its massive snout included jaws wider than its skull and more than five hundred teeth, replaced every 14 days.

More Entertaining Details

This unusual beast also belongs to the sauropod family, a subgroup of the Sauropoda dinosaurs, and was one of the largest that ever lived on Earth. These small giants possessed shorter necks compared to their relatives. In addition, they habitually slouched and kept their skull permanently lowered at an angle, which allowed them a much more comprehensive range of motion.

If you’re an active Twitter user, you’ve probably seen this viral meme. The jokes surrounding Nigersaurus began after a post was published by a young Reddit user where he tweeted, «Whatever you do, don’t google ’dinosaur with 500 teeth.’» Some people say this is a stupid racist joke, so users should not be hyped.

So, which dinosaur had 500 teeth? As you might expect, Nigersaurus, a strange and fantastic sauropod, definitely gets people talking about itself. It may not boast the most significant number of teeth of any dinosaur, but it definitely sticks in the minds of avid Twitter users.