25 Best Restaurants in Toronto


Exploring the best restaurants in Toronto provides a varied and rich culinary experience. Toronto’s food scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and styles, ranging from contemporary fine dining to cozy local favorites. Here’s a rundown of 25 best restaurants in Toronto to visit in 2024.

1. Kappo Sato

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This restaurant provides an exceptional Japanese dining experience, with dishes like chawanmushi-shirako, madai soup with somen noodles, tempura, and duck breast with wasabi on the menu. Customers can order strawberry daifuku and Hokkaido musk melon for dessert. The restaurant’s dedication to authentic Japanese cuisine is evident in its use of premium ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The atmosphere at Kappo Sato is both elegant and intimate, making it the ideal setting for a memorable dining experience.

2. Danny’s Pizza Tavern

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Danny’s Pizza Tavern serves Chicago tavern-style pizzas in a lively atmosphere reminiscent of Pizza Hut’s glory days for a taste of classic American-style pizza. The nostalgic feel enhances the restaurant’s ambiance, providing a casual and friendly dining environment. Danny’s is a popular destination for pizza lovers in Toronto, thanks to their unique square cuts and perfectly crispy crusts.

3. Beast Pizza

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Beast Pizza, once known for its nose-to-tail feasts and large Sunday brunches, now delights customers with NY-style pizzas. The menu includes both traditional and unique toppings, such as beef heart tartare, demonstrating the restaurant’s creativity and dedication to quality. Beast’s transformation into a pizzeria has introduced a new, yet equally delicious culinary concept while retaining its charm and popularity among locals.

4. Mac’s Pizza

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Mac’s Pizza in Bloordale began as a pandemic side hustle and quickly became known for its NY-style pizzas and the iconic Grandma Pie, which features a crispy-chewy focaccia-like crust topped with Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes. The restaurant’s success reflects the passion and dedication that went into its creation. Mac’s Pizza has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere ideal for enjoying a taste of New York right in Toronto.

5. Adrak Yorkville

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Under the direction of Chef Narendra Singh, Adrak Yorkville elevates traditional Indian cuisine to Michelin-star standards. The menu includes refined versions of classics such as black lentil dal and biryani made with aged basmati rice. The luxurious ambiance of the restaurant is complemented by an array of innovative signature cocktails that offer a modern twist on traditional Indian flavors. Adrak is a standout destination for fine Indian dining in Toronto due to the attention to detail in both the cuisine and the setting.

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6. Casa Paco

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Casa Paco, located in Little Italy, is a delightful Mediterranean restaurant with a menu rich in flavors and variety. Signature dishes include gnocchi in duck ragu, charcoal-grilled short rib, and arroz negro, a dish known for its rich flavor. The restaurant also takes pride in its selection of low- and no-alcohol drinks catering to all tastes. Casa Paco’s warm and inviting atmosphere and gourmet offerings make it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

7. Baro Toronto

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Baro Toronto reinvents South American cuisine by combining traditional Latin dishes with modern culinary techniques. The rooftop lounge at this vibrant restaurant offers breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline. An unforgettable dining experience is further enhanced by industrial-inspired décor and electric Latin music. Baro is an ideal destination for those looking to experience the rich flavors of South America in a stylish and modern setting.

8. Valerie Toronto

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Valerie Toronto is a rooftop gem with chic decor and stunning views of the city’s skyline, providing an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant is well-known for its sophisticated ambiance, making it an ideal choice for trendsetters and those looking for a touch of luxury. Valerie’s menu is carefully curated to impress, emphasizing high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation. This rooftop venue is famous for various events, from intimate dinners to lively celebrations.

9. TOCA Toronto

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TOCA Toronto is a well-known destination for authentic Italian cuisine in a chic and modern setting. The restaurant takes pride in its freshly made pasta and use of locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the essence of Italian cooking. TOCA’s ambiance blends elegance and comfort, making it appropriate for both special occasions and casual dining. Every dish reflects the restaurant’s dedication to quality and authenticity, providing a genuine Italian dining experience in the heart of Toronto.

10. STK Toronto

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STK Toronto is a trendy and sophisticated dining establishment that offers a modern twist on the classic steakhouse. The upscale menu at the restaurant includes a variety of premium options such as oysters, caviar, and a selection of high-quality steaks. STK’s vibrant atmosphere and stylish decor make it a popular dining and socializing destination. The restaurant’s upbeat vibe is ideal for those looking for a fun night out in Toronto’s fashionable Yorkville neighborhood.

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11. SARA Toronto

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SARA is a contemporary French-inspired restaurant in Toronto that provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The cozy and intimate atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal for enjoying its diverse menu, which includes inventive dishes such as Fried Chicken, Trio Potato, and Parisienne Gnocchi. SARA’s emphasis on contemporary cuisine and its warm and inviting ambiance make it a must-visit for those looking for a mix of modern culinary innovation and classic French flavors.

12. Sushi Masaki Saito

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Sushi Masaki Saito, which has two Michelin stars, is a prestigious establishment known for its exceptional culinary creations. The restaurant’s dedication to quality can be seen in its carefully crafted sushi and Japanese dishes. Sushi Masaki Saito is a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts and those looking for an extraordinary dining experience in Toronto, thanks to its fine attention to detail, quality ingredients, and masterful techniques.

13. Alo

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Alo is celebrated for its exceptional dining experience, setting a high standard for gourmet cuisine in Toronto and ranking high on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurant list. The restaurant is well-known for its exquisite menu, which features a variety of innovative dishes prepared with meticulous care. Alo’s refined ambiance, combined with impeccable service, makes it a must-visit for those looking for a top-tier culinary experience in the city.

14. Edulis

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Edulis is renowned for its refined dining and exquisite culinary offerings, ranking fourth on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list. This restaurant is a foodie’s paradise, serving dishes that are both innovative and deeply rooted in culinary traditions. Edulis’ intimate and elegantly designed space enhances the overall dining experience, making it a must-visit for those who value high-quality, thoughtfully prepared cuisine.

15. 20 Victoria

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20 Victoria, known for its contemporary and innovative cuisine, has earned a spot among Canada’s top 30 restaurants. The menu reflects the restaurant’s dedication to culinary creativity and excellence. 20 Victoria offers a sophisticated and inviting dining experience in a modern and stylish setting, making it a standout choice for those looking for contemporary culinary delights.

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16. Giulia

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Giulia, another Toronto favorite, provides a dining experience that has earned it recognition as one of the best in the country. The restaurant’s distinct culinary approach combines traditional techniques with modern flair, resulting in familiar and novel dishes. Giulia’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its dedication to exceptional service and quality, contribute to its reputation as a destination for those looking for a memorable dining experience.

17. Prime Seafood Palace

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Prime Seafood Palace stands out for its outstanding seafood offerings, earning a spot among the top 30 on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list. The restaurant is well-known for emphasizing high-quality, sustainably sourced seafood served uniquely and flavorfully. Prime Seafood Palace’s elegant and sophisticated setting, combined with its exceptional culinary offerings, make it a destination for both seafood lovers and fine dining enthusiasts.

18. Canoe

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Canoe, renowned for its exquisite cuisine, is well-deservedly ranked among Canada’s top 30 restaurants. The restaurant is known for its distinct approach to Canadian-inspired dishes, employing local and seasonal ingredients to create an authentic and innovative culinary journey. Canoe’s spectacular views and refined ambiance enhance the dining experience, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking culinary artistry and breathtaking scenery.

19. Mimi Chinese

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Mimi Chinese has received praise for its innovative and high-quality cuisine, ranking among the top 30 restaurants on Canada’s 100 Best list. The restaurant serves modern Chinese cuisine that combines traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques. Mimi Chinese’s stylish and vibrant atmosphere, combined with its inventive menu, distinguishes it as a standout destination for those seeking to experience contemporary Chinese dining in a sophisticated setting.

20. Quetzal

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Quetzal, which is ranked in the top 30 of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, is known for its unique culinary approach. The restaurant specializes in highlighting the diverse and rich flavors of Mexican cuisine, employing traditional cooking techniques such as open-flame grilling to bring out the depth and authenticity of each dish. Quetzal’s vibrant atmosphere and dedication to providing an authentic Mexican dining experience have established it as a standout destination in Toronto’s culinary scene.

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21. Dreyfus

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Dreyfus, one of Canada’s top 30 restaurants, has won praise for its modern and inventive cuisine. The restaurant is known for its innovative approach to French cuisine, which incorporates modern techniques and global influences to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The intimate and stylish setting of Dreyfus complements its innovative menu, making it a favorite among those who appreciate modern gastronomy with a distinct flair.

22. Pompette

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Pompette, ranked 46th on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list, is known for its delectable French-inspired cuisine. The restaurant serves classic French dishes with a modern twist, emphasizing quality ingredients and elegant presentation. Pompette’s cozy and chic ambiance, as well as its commitment to providing a refined dining experience, have made it a popular choice for those looking for sophisticated French cuisine in Toronto.

23. Bernhardt’s

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Bernhardt’s, a popular Toronto restaurant, has made a name for itself with its innovative and eclectic menu. The restaurant combines traditional flavors with contemporary culinary techniques to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Bernhardt’s, known for its lively atmosphere and inventive dishes, has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike, praised for its ability to surprise and delight with each dish.

24. Shoushin

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Shoushin, an opulent sushi restaurant in North Toronto, is known for its outstanding Japanese cuisine. The restaurant emphasizes traditional sushi preparation methods, employing only the finest and freshest ingredients. Shoushin’s elegant and minimalist decor adds to the tranquil dining experience, making it a haven for sushi enthusiasts seeking authenticity and excellence in every bite.

25. Byblos

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For a culinary journey like no other, look no further than Byblos Downtown Restaurant in Toronto. Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant downtown core, Byblos Restaurant offers a captivating culinary journey through the flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean. From its stylish ambiance to its meticulously crafted dishes, Byblos Downtown is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

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Are there any budget-friendly dining options in Toronto?

Absolutely! Toronto is home to numerous budget-friendly eateries that serve delicious meals without breaking the bank. Head to Chinatown for affordable dim sum and noodle dishes, or check out food trucks scattered throughout the city for tasty street food offerings.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurants in Toronto?

Yes, Toronto boasts a vibrant vegetarian and vegan food scene, with many restaurants offering plant-based options. Popular spots include Fresh Restaurants, Planta, and Hogtown Vegan, where you can enjoy creative and satisfying meat-free dishes.

Are there any restaurants in Toronto with stunning views?

Yes, several restaurants in Toronto offer breathtaking views of the cityscape. Look out for establishments like 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower, The One Eighty, and The Keg Steakhouse + Bar on the Esplanade, which provide panoramic vistas of Toronto’s skyline while you dine.