An Inside Look at Drake’s Private Jet


When talking about famous rappers, we imagine luxurious and rich life. Whether it is vibrant parties, lavish yachts, exquisite jewelry, or fancy cars, the hip-hop lifestyle has long been associated with abundance. Moreover, celebrities prefer to travel comfortably with all the amenities when it comes to concert tours and long-distance journeys. So Canadian rapper Drake is not the exception, and now he is the owner of a Boeing 767 with a completely personalized interior.

How did Drake afford this plane?

Surprisingly, the Boeing 767 jet was a gift for Drake from Canadian Freighter Airline CargoJet. One of the reasons for this gesture is to boost the airline’s recognition. So, Drake’s Boeing 767 had to be branded with CargoJet.

One of the company’s representatives admitted that Cargojet had worked with Drake for a long time, hauling supplies and equipment for his tours. Moreover, Drake mentioned that he was honored to collaborate with a great Canadian company and support homegrown businesses. So we can assume that it is like a mutual exchange of benefits. Why not?

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Anyway, how much is Drake’s plane worth?

It was stated that the worth of the plane was approximately $185 million. Renovating the aircraft to become the fabulous Air Drake jet was estimated to cost approximately $100 million. But some sources say that he invested another $280 million in it to make it truly exclusive and as comfortable as possible.

Air Drake interior and its style

It is worth mentioning that a Boeing 767 isn’t new and is 26 years old. But once it became Drake’s private plane, it was fully renovated and now looks brand new and luxurious. The interior combines delicate colors of gold, brown, purple, and beige.

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Drake’s jet has several compartments: bedrooms, sitting areas, an entertaining section, bathrooms, a conference room, and the main cabin area. All these areas are crammed with fancy furniture and plenty of amenities. There are also a lot of mirrors and light everywhere, which makes the interior even more lavishing.

The exterior of the Air Drake has also changed, and now it looks unique and remarkable. It is painted a soft blue color with white clouds and has OVO Owl logo and a globe image on its tail. What is also interesting is that the left wing depicts the comedy mask, and underneath the big private jet, there is a statement “If you are reading this, we left,” which is a reference to one of Drake’s albums name.

Therefore, every time Drake flaunts his private jet with the CargoJet label, it will be a little reminder to his subscribers on social media to use the services of this company. Apparently, such a partnership between Drake and CargoJet has benefited both parties.