10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


9. V8 Hotel

Photo: v8hotel.de

Are you a car fanatic? The V8 Hotel in Meilenwerk, Germany may be your cup of tea. Both design and architecture are about automobiles: legendary vintage cars, sporty timers, exclusive cars and rarities will definitely create the racing mood! Each room has an automotive theme as well. You can sleep in a bed made from a white Mercedes or sleep in the workshop room where your car bed is actually lifted up on jacks. This hotel is child friendly. There is a CD player in each room, wireless internet, free parking, and laundry services.

The hotel is supplied with 34 places, 10 of them with unique design. You can order a tour to the Mercedes-Benz Museum and learn the 125-year history of automobiles. Moreover, the V8 Hotel isn’t located in somewhere; it is located in a special and unique area – the Motorworld Stuttgard. Car specialists, enthusiasts, people who love technology and technical aesthetics can find everything here. Well, I’m sure even a lady will be astonished at the unique beauty of these cars! However, I would recommend you to visit this hotel with your boyfriend or husband. Be sure he will appreciate your choice!

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