10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


7. Capsule Hotels

Photo: capsuleinn.com

In Japan capsule hotels are quite popular. The idea of capsule hotels first appeared in 1979. Since that time capsule hotels are part and parcel of Japanese culture. These hotels are perfect for unpretentious people who need overnight accommodation and basic service. Moreover, the Japanese often rent capsule hotels for a considerable period of time when they experience hard financial times. Such accommodations didn’t gain much popularity outside Japan, but they begat counterparts all over the world. They are small measuring only 1 x 2 meters. Many of the capsule hotels do offer television and wireless internet, but usually don’t allow eating inside the capsule. Bathrooms are shared and there are restaurants. They are very basic and quite cheap to rent running approximately $25-50/night.

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The great thing about capsule hotels is that you can take the place without prior booking. It is explained by the bigger number of places available than in any other hotel. I think it’s a great experience to spend the night in a cockpit of an aircraft, for instance. Actually, I am absolutely unpretentious traveler and I can live in the most unbearable conditions. However, I suffer from claustrophobia and that’s why such hotels are not the best option for me. If you are okay with it, I highly recommend you to visit capsule hotels when being in Japan.