10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


5. The Hobbit Motel

This is one of my favorite hotels! My friends and I stayed 3 nights in this most unusual and most whimsical accommodation ever. I am simply a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and this hotel was a real chance to realize my dream. The Hobbit Motel can be found in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. The hotel is made of polystyrene blocks, which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The roof is covered with thick grass and you always have amazing view from the window.

If you stay at the Hobbit Motel, you will have a chance to enjoy Billy Black’s Kiwi Culture Show. This performance draws people from all over the world and allows you to participate in the really unique New Zealand experience. You will have fun and you will learn a lot about their culture, traditions and nature. The inside of the hotel is very cozy and homelike. The accommodation is clean, neat, with well-equipped kitchenette and all the bathroom facilities. I was really satisfied with the stuff. They are friendly, positive and helpful. If you are in New Zealand, you cannot lose the chance to stay in this fantastical place!

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