10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


4. CasAnus

CasAnus is a giant sculpture of a human intestine that is located in Kemzeke, Belgium. CasAnus was created by Joep Van Lieshout. It contains a double bed, heater, shower, and toilet. CasAnus is run by a couple of Belgian art collectors. While it might not look especially appealing from the outside, except for being in the middle of nature, the inside of the room is as comfy as any place else.

This one-room hotel is extremely popular with couples since it’s situated in a quiet and remote place. It is visited by 200-250 people per year. Joep Van Lieshout once said that he was inspired by human body and he had cherished the idea of such a hotel for a long time. This hotel is made of natural materials such as wood, PU foam and it is printed with naturalistic reddish color. The interesting thing is that the sculpture anatomically corresponds to the human digestive system from the tongue to the anus. Despite the immense size of the construction, it took a few months to finish the sculpture. When the building was presented to the public the reaction was utterly approving! I’ve already added this hotel to my list of the places to visit this year.

The hotel consists of two parts: Sweet Willy and Toby. Since this hotel is extremely popular with visitors, you should book the place in advance. Every detail inside displays the love of dogs: pillows, carpets, books, and even cookies. Moreover, the toilet is hydrant-shaped! When you stay you’ll also be treated to a continental self-serve breakfast and even dog food! I love travelling with my pets, thus I always appreciate hotels where pets are allowed.