10 Wonderful Beach Bars around the World


4. Uxua Praia, Bahia, Brazil

Photo: uxua.com

If you like everything quirky, you will definitely love this bar. Uxua Praia was built from reclaimed fishing boats and it’s situated on the Barra do Rio Trancoso in the province of Bahia. Yes, you will really get served your tipple from an old, yet beautiful fishing wreck.

The bartenders make great versions of the national cocktail of Brazil, the caipirinha, and they also have cold beers. Plus, they can hack open a fresh coconut and pop in a straw so you can sip a tasty coconut water. Grab your caipirinha, settle on the big cushioned sofa under flat-roofed pergolas and enjoy the beautiful views or watch the guys on the beach play volleyball.

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