10 Wonderful Beach Bars around the World


10. Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay, British Virgin Islands

Formerly, the only way you could reach the Soggy Dollar Bar was by boat. But now this bar is accessible by land. Even if you need to get to the Soggy Dollar by boat, it is worth a visit, since it’s the birthplace of the renowned Caribbean cocktail – the Painkiller.

Grab the Original Painkiller, which is made with cream of coconut, dark rum, orange and pineapple juices, topped with Grenadian nutmeg, and drink it while relaxing on the hammock. If you are not alone, don’t worry, there are plenty of hammocks and beach chairs for everyone!

So which one of these beach bars do you want to visit? Do you know any other amazing beach bars around the world? Please comment below and thanks for reading!