The Top 10 Must-Visit Christmas Markets Around The World For 2022

Krakow Christmas Market

This month-long celebration with a side of shopping takes place in Krakow's expansive and medieval Main Square, and it's worth going to at least once in your lifetime.

Winter Village At Bryant Park

Currently, Bryant Park's Winter Village in New York City is ranked as the best Christmas market in the world.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Next, one of the biggest Christmas markets in London is found at the UK's very own Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Here market goers can marvel at all the spectacular decorations and festive lights.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

The Wroclaw Christmas Market is regarded as the most beautiful seasonal market in all of Poland and in all of Europe.

Dresden Christmas Market

Also located in Germany, lovers of all things Christmas will find the Dresden Christmas Market.

Dresden Christmas Market

This picture-perfect holiday space stretches over a full mile and is brimming with festive goodies. 

Frankfurt Christmas Market

To put it mildly, the Frankfurt Christmas Market is well-known worldwide. 

Frankfurt Christmas Market

In fact, tourists from all over the world come to this market to take part in the festivities.

Union Square Holiday Market

Running from November 17th through December 24th, Union Square Holiday Market is the go-to for shoppers looking for genuinely eclectic gifts or buys.

York Christmas Market

The York Christmas Market offers visitors a wide selection of festive treats and a wealth of unique souvenirs.

Spruce Meadows Christmas Market

Additionally, Spruce Meadows offers amazing holiday delights and enjoyable wintertime activities that are ideal for the whole family.

The Distillery Winter Village

TDot's Christmas Market, which is situated in Toronto's bustling Distillery District, 

The Distillery Winter Village

is a sight to behold thanks to its sparkling lights, festive decorations, and snow-covered sidewalks.

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