The 6 Best Road Trips to Take This Winter

Explore California’s deserts

For more desert exploration, drive north for about 270 miles to get to Death Valley National Park, which becomes a lot more appealing in the winter. 

Travel through Vermont’s snowy mountains

The trip starts in Stowe, where you can ski on its 116 trails across its resort’s terrain.  From there, drive around 40 miles east on I-89 to Burlington, a lakeside town of 45,000. 

Drive Scenic Highway 30As

This roughly 24-mile route through Florida’s South Walton County hugs the Gulf of Mexico through most of it, perfect for escaping the winter snow with average temperature highs in the 60s throughout the season. 

Tour historical cities of the South

Charleston, New Orleans, and Savannah are a few cities in the U.S.  South that experience their low season during the colder months. 

Visit the Christmas towns of Texas

Whether it comes to its barbecue or abundance of summer road trips, Texas offers plenty to explore in its approximately 270,000 square miles. 

Enjoy Utah’s Big 5 National Parks

You get to witness the red rocks of Utah’s parks contrast with the white snow—a sight those summer tourists miss.

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