Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport (PDX) is a major airport located in Portland, Oregon, USA.  It serves as the primary airport for the Portland metropolitan area and is the largest airport in the state of Oregon.

Portland International Airport

The airport has a rich history and many interesting facts.  In this article, we will explore some of the most fascinating facts about Portland International Airport.

Green Airport

Portland International Airport is one of the most environmentally friendly airports in the world.  It has won several awards for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more sustainable airport.

Art Collection

The airport features more than 50 permanent and rotating exhibits, including sculptures, paintings, and murals.


The carpet at PDX has become an icon of the airport.  The original carpet was installed in 1987 and had a distinct geometric design in shades of blue and green.

Bike Parking

PDX is the only airport in the country with free bike parking.

Foodie Heaven

The airport has won several awards for its dining options, including Best Airport Food and Beverage Program in North America.  Travelers can enjoy local favorites such as Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Stumptown Coffee, and Pok Pok.

MAX Light Rail

PDX is the only airport in the country with a light rail station on the airport property.

Movies on the Fly

PDX offers a unique experience called "Movies on the Fly," where travelers can watch short films while waiting for their flights.

Pet Relief Areas

PDX is one of the most pet-friendly airports in the country, with several designated pet relief areas.


 Portland International Airport has one of the most unpredictable weather patterns in the country.  The city's location between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains means that weather conditions can change rapidly.


 PDX is home to a variety of wildlife, including rabbits, squirrels, and even bald eagles.  The airport works hard to maintain a balance between human activity and the natural environment.

Portland International Airport

In conclusion, Portland International Airport is much more than just a transportation hub. With its unique art collection, environmentally friendly initiatives, and pet-friendly policies, PDX offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Portland International Airport

Whether you're a foodie, an art lover, or a nature enthusiast, there is something for everyone at Portland International Airport.

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