Check Out These 10 Charming Must-Visit Small Towns In Wyoming


Buffalo is a beautiful Western city that sits at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains and exudes an authentic Old West vibe.


The city of Jackson sits at the southern tip of Jackson Hole, with fantastic shopping, dining, and entertainment options.


Lander, a historic city that honors the Wild West's history, culture, and frontier lifestyle, is yet another delightful destination for a vacation in Wyoming. 


Guests of Cody can choose from several worthwhile attractions during their stay in the town, including several museums and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. 


Dubois, one of the smaller towns on this list, has so many outdoor areas and natural beauty that guests never want to leave.


Pinedale, a popular hunting hub, connects outdoor enthusiasts to the Wind River Mountains and Jackson Hole.  The town is an excellent spot for rest and recreation, surrounded by towering peaks, wild rivers, over a thousand lakes, and abundant wildlife. 


Gillette, known as the nation's energy capital because of its abundant natural resources, is also known as the manliest city in the state.  Hockey and motor cross are also very popular, as are the related sports of rodeo, hunting, and fishing. 


Sheridan is a town straight out of the Old West, complete with towering peaks, wide open spaces, and a relaxed pace of life. 


Named after the annual sun dances performed by American Natives in the region, Sundance combines a rich heritage with a modern spirit. 


At the moment, it's a pretty cozy neighborhood. 


Take advantage of the many hotels in the area before wandering over to the nearly 3 million acres of hiking and adventure that await in Thunder Basin National Park and Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest.

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