Best Beaches in the U.S. for Shelling

Best Beaches in the U.S. for Shelling

The United States is blessed with a diverse coastline that offers a treasure trove of seashells for avid collectors and beach enthusiasts.  From the East Coast to the Gulf Coast and the West Coast, numerous beaches provide the perfect setting for shelling enthusiasts to discover beautiful and 

Best Beaches in the U.S. for Shelling

unique shells. These beaches are renowned for their abundance of shells, offering an exciting and rewarding experience for both casual collectors and dedicated shell hunters.  In this guide, we show you the 7 best beaches in the U.S. for shelling.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Shell Island - St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Stinson Beach, California

Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

Turner Beach - Sanibel Island, Florida

Silver Strand State Beach - Coronado Island, San Diego, California



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