The Best Beach Towels, According to Our Tests

The Best Beach Towels, According to Our Tests

Attention all creative minds and beach lovers!  Are you tired of the same old beach towels every summer? Do you have ideas for new and innovative designs but don't know where to start? Well, now is your chance to shine!

The Best Beach Towels, According to Our Tests

Join us in revising beach towel ideas and bringing new and fresh designs to the market.

Best Overall Tesalate The Alchemist Sand-Free Beach Towel

It’s lightweight, soft, and absorbent, and there were no traces of sand left after shaking it out.

Best Overall, Runner-up Venture Large Sand-Free Beach Towel

The snap loop makes it especially easy to hang for drying.

Best Lightweight Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

The towel weighs just 9 ounces but feels sturdy and durable despite the thin material.

Best Sand-free Tesalate Bora Bora Sand-Free Towel

There was not a single grain of sand left on this towel after a light shake.

Best Oversized Wise Owl Outfitters Beach Towel and Yoga Towel

It’s large and spacious with a soft, suede-like texture on both sides.

Best Turkish Kassatex Block Pareo Fouta Beach Towels

The towel has a soft, plush material on both sides, and it’s oversized for extra space.

Most Comfortable Clowood Plush Bamboo Cotton Beach Towel

Made of 94 percent cotton and 6 percent bamboo, the towel is plush and comfortable for sitting or lying on.

Best for Families Ben Kaufman Sales 100% Cotton Velour Striped Beach & Pool Towel 4-Pack

This set of towels comes with four brightly colored towels that are soft and thin for easy packing.

Best Microfiber Elite Trend Store Microfiber Towels

It makes for a solid barrier to the sand and folds up into a convenient travel pouch.

Best Round All Around Giant Circle Beach Towel

This circular towel is comfortable to sit on and quickly absorbs water..

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