8 fantastic places for Christmas in the USA

Washington DC

The lighting of the National Christmas Tree close to the White House is the highlight of the Christmas celebration in Washington, DC.

New York City

NYC boasts a ton of ice skating rinks, markets with holiday merchandise, and lovely decorations to make you feel the merriest Christmas ever.

Chicago, Illinois

Despite being a very cold city, Chicago is a fantastic place to spend the Christmas season.

Nature-Focused Christmas Trips in the United States

Those who enjoy the outdoors are also included in the Christmas festivities. For your ideal Christmas vacations, there are natural areas in the US.

Yosemite National Park, California

Due to fewer visitors, Yosemite has a calmer atmosphere in the winter. However, the Christmas experience continues to be one of the best.

The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

You can never go wrong with your Christmas celebrations when the Colorado Rocky Mountains are involved.

US Destinations for Christmas at the Beach

Winter doesn't always entail frozen and shuttered beaches. For your Christmas holiday, you might go to several amazing beaches in the US.

Oahu, Hawaii

It's a great idea to spend Christmas on the island of Hawaii.

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