8 Best Rooftop Bars in the US


8 Best Rooftop Bars in the US

When it comes to enjoying a drink with breathtaking views and a vibrant atmosphere, rooftop bars in the United States offer an unbeatable experience.  If you're looking for panoramic cityscapes, ocean vistas, or mountain backdrops, the US boasts a diverse 

8 Best Rooftop Bars in the US

range of rooftop bars that cater to every taste. From bustling cities to scenic coastal destinations, these 7 elevated venues provide the perfect setting to sip cocktails, socialize, and soak in stunning surroundings.

London House Bar (Chicago, Illinois)

Assembly (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Sugar (Miami, Florida)

Percheron at Crossroads Hotel (Kansas City, Missouri)

9 Mile Station (Atlanta, Georgia)

El Techo (San Francisco, California)

Westlight (Brooklyn, New York)

Hot Tin (New Orleans, Louisiana)



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