7 Reasons to Spend Halloween in Transylvania


7 Reasons to Spend Halloween in Transylvania

As the harvest moon ascends, casting an eerie glow upon ancient castles and mist-laden forests, there exists a place where Halloween transcends the realm of ordinary spookiness.  Nestled in the heart of Eastern Europe, Transylvania beckons with an invitation to experience the most 

7 Reasons to Spend Halloween in Transylvania

spine-chilling holiday in a manner befitting its legendary reputation.  Here are seven compelling reasons why spending Halloween in Transylvania is an adventure you'll never forget.

Strigoi Might Still be Roaming

Dare to Cross the Liar's Bridge

Visit the Birthplace of the Real Dracula

Halloween Fun at the Medieval Citadel

Tour the Fictional Dracula's Castle

Poenari Castle was Another Vlad Dwelling

Visit Corvin Castle Another Dracula Associated Castle



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