7 Must-See Castles in the United States


7 Must-See Castles in the United States

While the United States may not be synonymous with medieval fortresses and ancient citadels, it boasts a surprising array of captivating castles that transport visitors to a world of bygone eras.  These architectural marvels, inspired by European design or crafted with a touch of American ingenuity, stand as a testament to 

7 Must-See Castles in the United States

the nation's diverse history and its fascination with the romanticism of castle life.  In this guide, we'll embark on a journey across the country, unveiling the enchanting stories and architectural wonders of these castles/

Gillette Castle - Haddam, Connecticut

Boldt Castle - Alexandria Bay, New York

Fonthill Castle - Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Castello di Amorosa - Calistoga, California

Bannerman Castle - Pollepel Island, New York

Lyndhurst Castle - Tarrytown, New York

Hammond Castle - Gloucester, Massachusetts



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