5 Romantic 2022 Valentine’s Day Getaways in US

1. Savannah, Georgia

The ideal Southern getaway lies in the historic streets of friendly downtown Savannah.  The always mild-to-hot weather, charming antebellum architecture, scattered public squares, local art galleries and independent boutiques add to the perfectly romantic atmosphere.

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2. New Orleans

Lively and filled with the sweet sounds of classic Dixieland jazz, New Orleans is a place that the genteel southern belle and gent go to get a little tousled up. Their Créole culinary style is internationally renowned and entirely their own, the architecture diverse with styles from French  colonial to Victorian.

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3. San Francisco

Lovers of long walks, mild Californian climate, a bustling nightlife and curious oddities really love San Francisco. Once upon a time, there was gold in them hills, but even centuries later, people from all over are drawn to the still-Golden City to bathe in the brilliant sunshine, stroll around the public parks.

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4. Miami

Between laid-back beaches and a hopping nightlife, Miami is bursting with all kinds of art – the perfect solution to chasing away those winter blues and having a truly memorable V-Day. It pretty much has everything: culture, sunny and diverse neighborhoods, perfect weather, and great restaurants.

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5. New York, New York

In a city with everything, travelers can live it up or they can live it down.  A single day of walking is a date, depending on where the walk leads – around the trails and skating rink in Central Park or along the beautiful industrial complexes of Bushwick, Brooklyn, it’s all a beautiful meander.

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