15 Best Places to Travel to in December

Surrounded by natural beauty, Salt Lake City is like a breath of fresh air — especially during the winter.

Salt Lake City, UT

There are many abundant natural beauties in the Golden State, but few are as breathtaking as Santa Barbara's magnificent coastline.

Santa Barbara, CA

The charming tiny villages that make up the region are perfect for anyone looking for an interesting, nature-filled adventure because they have beautiful landscapes and distinctive topography.

Texas Hill Country, TX

The city’s rich history and stunningly distinct architecture is a draw for those who appreciate art, engineering and design. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Looking for a welcoming retreat with stretches of sugar-white beaches and turquoise blue water? If so, South Walton is a sure bet. 

South Walton, FL

Visitors can satiate their appetite for history and cultural enlightenment by visiting a variety of art galleries and museums that cover interests.

Nashville, TN

Although Boulder is well-known for its many outdoor activities, breweries, and proximity to the Rocky Mountains National Park, it is also a thriving urban oasis with a wide variety of outstanding dining options.

Boulder, CO

Kennebunkport is a well-liked summer vacation spot, but it's also a New England treasure all year round, as the city's motto, "The Place to Be All Year Long," suggests.

Kennebunkport Maine

Anguilla, a small island in the Eastern Caribbean, is renowned for its stunning beaches and laid-back vibe.


Are you considering a life as a digital nomad? If so, Costa Rica might be your future short-term residence.

Costa Rica

A trip to Australia would be ideal in December.

Sydney, Australia

For those who value natural beauty, Tulum is a top destination due to its breathtaking flora and fauna.

Tulum, Mexico

December is a fantastic month to travel to Accra because of the milder temperatures and reduced humidity levels.

Accra, Ghana

Belize is a great destination for December travel because of the tropical climate there all year long.


It's never a bad idea to visit Hawaii, and December is the best month to go.

Oahu, Hawaii

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