10 Reasons You Should Book A Trip To Las Vegas In The Winter

The Las Vegas Bowl Is In December

Attending the Las Vegas Bowl is another reason to travel to Vegas in the winter.

The Las Vegas Bowl Is In December

If you are a sports fan, you may catch a Golden Knights game and the Las Vegas Bowl within the same visit. 

Vegas Golden Knights Games

One reason to travel to Las Vegas in the wintertime is to take in a Golden Knights game. The Golden Knights are an ice hockey team based in Las Vegas. 

Perfect Skydiving Weather

Due to the clean skies and unimpeded views of the city, the winter months are ideal for skydiving. 

Perfect Skydiving Weather

Additionally, Skydive Las Vegas guarantees breath-taking views of the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, and Colorado River.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor activities can be enjoyed in and around Las Vegas during the winter.  One popular outdoor adventure in Las Vegas is hiking Red Rock Canyon. 

Great Spot To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

To ring in the New Year in style, go to Las Vegas in the wintertime.  The nightlife and wild, extravagant entertainment in Vegas are well-known. 

Skiing At Lee Canyon

Vegas is home to Lee Canyon, a ski and snowboard resort.  December-March is the best time to visit Lee Canyon, making it the perfect winter destination. 

Affordable Flights

The affordable flights are one of the main attractions of a winter getaway to Vegas.

Affordable Hotel Rooms

Take advantage of the inexpensive hotel rooms by planning a trip to Las Vegas in the winter.

Affordable Hotel Rooms

 Since you’d be visiting during the off-season, there are all sorts of amazing hotel deals and price drops. 

Avoid The Heat

Avoiding the oppressive heat may be the most evident benefit of visiting Las Vegas in the winter.

Avoid The Heat

 This colder weather allows visitors to explore the city and surrounding nature without worrying about heat exhaustion. 

The Winter Festivities

Wintertime in Las Vegas means many seasonal celebrations.

The Winter Festivities

Visit during Lunar New Year for an equally stunning Chinese New Year display.

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