10 Places In The USA That Are Simply Beautiful During The Month Of January

Maui, Hawaii

 The weather is warm enough to make it an ideal winter escape in January, and one of the best things to do in the region is whale watching.

Miami, Florida

One of the top places to go in January is Zoo Miami, the biggest tropical zoo in Florida and the only one in the United States.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

With high temperatures averaging the 80s, Puerto Rico's capital is one of the most amazing destinations in the USA to explore in January. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There are a lot of local festivals to catch, making it a great time to experience the culture of Puerto Ricans at its best.

San Diego, California

San Diego in January is simply amazing! There is a lot to discover outside, including rough coastlines, a rich history, and a superb food scene, in the pleasant weather and clear skies.

Oahu, Hawaii

Best recognized for its world-famous Waikiki Beach, located near Honolulu, Oahu is one of the best U.S. destinations to visit in January for a good reason. 

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is beautiful year-round. 

Los Angeles, California

But it’s one of the most special winter destinations to visit in January in the whole of the U.S., as its temperatures hover at highs of the 60s and lows of above 45 degrees on average. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

 It's a great time to get outside and experience the world-famous Red Rock Canyon at its most spectacular!

San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo, which is situated on the charming central coast of California,

San Luis Obispo, California

is a fantastic winter destination for foodies, and January is the best month to explore the area's fantastic food scene.

Austin, Texas

Austin hosts several events in January, making it a great USA destination to explore in winter. 

Austin, Texas

 The Wolf Ranch Farmers’ Market operates from January 1 until the end of the month, every Saturday. Vacationers can find a lot of local goods and products sold at the market. 

Phoenix, Arizona

 There are several snowbirds to explore during January, and some vacationers choose to stick around for weeks or even the whole month just to experience these wonderful creatures. 

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