10 Unique Places to Discover This Summer


10. Petra, Jordan

This city of Petra was carved out of the rose stone that has made it one of the wonders of the world. Some have suggested it is the origin of Mount Hor in the Land of Ebon, referenced in the Book of Numbers.

It is situated in the desert with the Dead Sea to the west and the Red Sea to the south. The sandstone foundations are becoming more fragile, but the city still reveals religious and political structures and artifacts.

It also has a fascinating system of reservoirs and strategic pools that were once used to supply much needed irrigation and water. Encountering Petra is like entering another dimension of perception, one that stays with you long after you leave the site. If at all possible, it is not to be missed.

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Have you been somewhere that has captured your imagination and spirit in a unique way? Perhaps you have been deep sea diving and viewed coral reefs in their silent but ever-changing environment? There are many possibilities. Is there a unique place you have visited that you would recommend to readers?