Top 3 Resorts in Lake Placid


3. Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club


It might seem as though food is a common theme here, but these three resorts all offer incredible dining experiences. When it comes to the food at the Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club, the Veranda and Boathouse restaurants can give any restaurant in town a run for its money. The décor here is nice, but the views are even more impressive since this property sits at the top of a hill. Like the two resorts listed above, the Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club has a beach. Boat rentals are available. Other amenities include an indoor pool, a fitness center, a business center, a bar that’s always alive, and golf courses. Yes, golf courses, as in plural. All of the rooms are spacious and most of them have hot tubs.

If you appreciate naturally beauty, strongly consider taking a vacation to Lake Placid. When you’re outdoors, the fresh air is invigorating. When you’re indoors, you feel like a kid in amusement park. These resorts offer so many amenities and such great food that you never want to leave.

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