10 Wonderful Things to Do in Rome


10. Via dei Condotti

Shoppers will delight in this world-famous street filled with shops, boutiques, cafes, salons, and more. Experience the visual splendors of this shopping haven that boasts stores like Chanel, Bulgari, Prada, Dior, and more. Enjoy a Roman lunch at one of the charming cafes and search for something special as you mingle with Romans and other travelers to the city.

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Be sure to add these exciting attractions to your itinerary when you visit Rome. You’ll enjoy getting to know this historic city and all of its timeless charms. Although most hotels and hostels are open all year round in Rome, it’s recommended to book months before you get here. Not only will you be sure you have a place to stay at, you will save some money as well. Is Rome on your travel bucket list?