9 Spectacular and Affordable Destinations for Student Holidays


9. Krakow, Poland

Polish cities are now receiving more and more foreign travelers and the country becomes one of the most interesting tourist attractions. What can I say? The charismatic polish capital is not that overcrowded like Prague for example and is more moderate. You can enjoy walking the streets and taking photos of great beautiful buildings but also you can see all of the sights and museums.

Have you already given up the idea of travelling because of money matters? No, don`t you dare to do so! The only thing you should have quite a sum of money for is the flight. All the other things are affordable and it is possible to have an unforgettable vacation with come money left in your pocket after it. So don`t get desperate and remember these destinations I`ve described to you and of course search for some other options. Have I persuaded you? Then start planning your holiday, the world is waiting for you!