10 Reasons Slovenia Should Be Your Next Destination


10. Skofja Loka

With approximately 12,000 inhabitants, Skofja Loka is the medieval town that every history buff strives to visit at least once. It’s the birthplace of the oldest play in Slovene called Skofja Loka Passion Play, which was written in 1715 by the Capuchin Father Romuald. One of the most popular tourist attraction of the town is The Skofja Loka Capuchin monastery. It was built from 1707 until 1713, and boasts around 30,000 books – no wonder history junkies love Skofja Loka.

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Slovenia is the land of fascinating natural attractions. Explore the country’s capital, medieval towns and small villages set amidst a patchwork of perfectly terraced vineyards. These are the reasons I love Slovenia and what’s your reason? If you’ve already been to Slovenia, what are some of your favorite attractions? Share your experience with us, please.