10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Miami


3. The Everglades

The Everglades, the tropical wetlands that stretch across southern Florida, are right outside Miami. The Everglades are a home to numerous rare and endangered species such as manatee, American crocodile and Florida panther. These aren’t waters that you’d want to swim in – they are infested with crocodiles. The Everglades are a wonderful place to observe nature, though. An airboat tour is the best and easiest way to explore and admire the truly unequalled and vibrant environment of the Everglades!

When visiting the Everglades, head to an alligator farm to enjoy an alligator show. This is truly one-of-a-kind and thrilling experience! Knowledgeable experts will teach you how to handle these creatures of the swamp and show some simple catching technics. What can be more exciting than feeding an alligator and taking a photo with him? Caimans and snakes are other creatures you will get acquainted with at the Everglades.