8 Places to Enjoy Oktoberfest Around the World


8. Brisbane, Australia

Beer down under? Why not! Brisbane is the location of Australia’s largest Oktoberfest, as it attracts around 30,000 people every year. Despite the numbers, the festival is said to have a very community-like feel, where everyone finds something to enjoy.

The reason would be the two Australian-German families that came together years ago to host the first festival. Now, they continue that legacy by preparing traditional German food, German and Australian wine, and beer brewed specially for the Australian Oktoberfest.

For those who do not want to go to Brisbane, you can opt for the smaller (but just as boisterous) venue in Canberra, Australia held around the same time.

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Oktoberfest 2017 has been officially going on in Munich since September 16th and will run until October 3rd. Turns out that many of these global locations either extend the party by starting later in October or run simultaneously.

Do not know about you, but globetrotting and Oktoberfest hopping sound like an incredible idea. What do you think? You up for some international beer-guzzling and German wiener schnitzel noshing?