8 Places to Enjoy Oktoberfest Around the World


3. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

If you plan to get to America’s biggest Oktoberfest celebration, you better find yourself there sooner than later. Even with October in the name, Cincinnati’s celebration runs from the middle of September to usually the 21st or 22nd. Around 500,000 people visit “Oktoberfest Zinzinnati” every single year, though the number has gone up ever since it’s commencement in 1974.

One thing that has gained popularity is the “Running of the Wieners,” a race of 100 dachshund dogs dressed up as – you guessed it – hot dogs. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati also has the Guinness Book of World Records title for the world’s largest chicken dance, achieved in 1994.

Of course, Ohio is not the only state in the USA to hold Oktoberfest. Wisconsin also hosts a magnificent version, as does Chicago.

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