10 Must-See Greek Beaches


9. Ayia Eleni

If you’re traveling with a group, Ayia Eleni has something for everyone. Mountains, a view of the mainland, beach bars, restaurants, kayaking, pedal boats, and crystal clear water for swimming make this beach one of the best Greek beaches really worth visiting.

Agia Eleni is a romanitc beach with a spectacular sunset and it is easy to reach from the main road. If you are planning your honeymoon, I highly recommend considering Agia Eleni. Sure, the beach is not a luxury destination, but it has everything for your romantic honeymoon. Personally I’m a huge sunset lover, and Ayia Eleni is one of my favorite places where I can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful and unique sunsets. I’ve been visiting the beach for over 5 years and I hope to visit it again next year.

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