5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Atlanta


4. The Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta’s newest great attraction has to be the Georgia Aquarium. Completed in 2005, the aquarium occupies an entire square block in the middle of downtown Atlanta and houses more than five hundred species of animal, including many different types of fish, mammal, and marine invertebrate. The complex is helpfully broken into several different exhibits based on the habitat of the animals featured within: one exhibit contains river dwellers, and another features marine animals native to Georgia.

The most popular attraction at the Georgia Aquarium is likely the dolphin show. The aquarium houses eleven bottlenose dolphins and runs acrobatic shows for aquarium visitors on a daily basis. The aquarium also contains four beluga whales and four monstrously massive whale sharks. If you’re traveling with children, the Georgia Aquarium is the perfect choice for a day out in Atlanta – it offers kids a rare combination of entertainment and education that they won’t soon forget.

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