10 Most Popular Christmas Markets in Germany


3. Schlachte Magic Christmas Market, Bremen

You can’t find a more fabulous city in Northern Germany than Bremen. Its main attraction is a bronze statue representing the well-known fairy-tale character “die Bremer stadtmusikanten.”

Visit Bremen at Christmas and discover the fabulous atmosphere of this fantastic and always sunny city in northern Germany. There is also another gorgeous place in Bremen, which you are supposed to visit. The Schlachte Magic Christmas Market is available for visitors during November and December. This Christmas market is exciting entertainment.

It is held on the beautiful banks of the Weser River. You will be significantly amazed with small wooden stalls made in medieval traditions. At this Christmas market in German, you will have an enormous choice of handicrafts. Marktplatz blooms cheerfully with colorful tents. They sell sweets, souvenirs, woolen items, figured honey candles, various lamps, and ceramic candlesticks in the form of Bremen houses, toys, pots, Christmas slippers, sweaters, gloves, and much more. And even you’ll be able to treat yourself to pork hocks and hot mulled wine.

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