10 Most Beautiful Places in the World


5. The Red Beach, China

Spending some time in a beach can be incredibly fascinating but it would be more memorable and wonderful if you could visit an extraordinary beach. This beach happens to be the red beach in China, which is located in Dowa county 30km southwest of Panjin. Just because the beach is red doesn’t mean it has a red sand. It’s red because of the Sueda, a type of seaweed that turns red each fall. The Red Beach is situated in the largest wetland and reed marsh on Earth, and it hosts a completed ecosystem. There are over 399 species of wild animals and 260 species of birds. The Red Beach attracts many tourists from all over the world each year and not only during the fall season. The Sueda starts growing during April and May and it stays green during the summertime, so I think spring and summer are also ideal seasons for visiting the Red Beach. Personally I went to the Red Beach in July and I was absolutely captivated by its beauty. The beach was quite red and there were no crowds. One of the best things about this place is that almost everyone can visit it, regardless of their budget.

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