10 Lesser Known Ancient Ruins in Europe


10. The Plovdiv Roman Theatre, Bulgaria

The Plovdiv Roman Theatre, an ancient amphitheater that dates back to 100 AD, is a ruin that isn’t well-known outside of Plovdiv, the second largest city of Bulgaria. With 28 rows of marble seats arranged in horseshoe formation and a three-story stage building, Plovdiv was one of the best-built theaters of its time. After repeated incidents of severe damage over its history, the theater, today, has been beautifully restored. Hosting performances each night, the Plovdiv Roman Theatre is in demand once again, probably as it was millennia ago.

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While tourists looking for a way to connect with the ancient past could easily see the well-known ruins of Rome, Greece or elsewhere, there’s something to be said for searching out places that aren’t known to the world at large. It can be a more intimate feeling, gazing upon an ancient ruin when it isn’t overrun with tourists.