7 Important Tips for Preplanning Your Trip to China


6. Chinese currency

In preplanning your trip to China, you’ll also want to research and get familiar with Chinese currency. In China, Renminbi, otherwise known as “the Peoples money” is the common currency. The US dollar equals to approximately 6.8 Renminbi, although you’ll want to check the rate before you leave. In the exchange bureaus, you’ll find Chinese currency listed as CNY, which stands for Chinese Yuan. One of the most important things you can do when preplanning your trip to China is to do some online research on understanding Chinese currency, as well as how to get cash and make purchases while you are in China. As China has a unique culture of bargaining in sales, it is much better to research how best to bargain while in China than to go in not knowing some of the rules and spend over your budget.

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