4 Haunting Places to Stay in Wales (and 2 That Are Haunted!)


The haunting loveliness of the hotels just described carries over into the next two places to stay in Wales, with the addition that these two (among others) also boast a ghost or two!

Ruthin Castle

Photo: Jim Linwood

This is a stunning and elegant retreat beside the Clwydian Range in Denbighshire, North Wales. It dates back to the 1200s and has a Medieval Banqueting Hall where people gather in costume and celebrate the way they did over 700 years ago. The bar in the hotel is set up as a library, filled with easy chairs and a fireplace. They rightly claim the comfort of the rooms would suit royalty.

Still, there is a mystery the castle holds, and more than one apparition. Lady Grey is the most well-known. As the story goes (from centuries before), she discovered her husband was having an affair with one of the peasant girls, and she took her revenge by killing the girl. She was tried and executed, but as the legend tells it, she has never left the castle. Visitors purport to see her in the banqueting hall and wandering over the battlements. Visitors have also seen the ghost of a soldier who wears just one glove and haunts the grounds. What has appeared most often to people are orbs of light appearing in the air, staying for a few minutes before blinking out. More often than can be explained, these orbs have shown up on photographs. All of it adds to the enchantment of this retreat.

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