4 Haunting Places to Stay in Wales (and 2 That Are Haunted!)


Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa

This hotel in Powys is called one of Wales’ great country houses, first established 120 years ago in the Vrnwy valley. It is in a magical landscape, with its own fairytale tower in the middle of the lake. There is also the massive stone aqueduct, the Vyrnwy Dam built in 1879, a wonder of nineteenth-century engineering. Moorland and forest surround it, and it is considered one of the best Welsh estates for sporting, including rock-climbing, cycling, and horseback riding. Local walks and nature trails are side-by-side with National Trails. Butterflies and dragonflies abound, and it is a birdwatcher’s heaven with ninety species of birds. Heather covers the moorland.

The area has wild landscapes, too, and villages filled with the history of a Wales that never did succumb to all the various invaders who crossed over into England for a steady thousand years. The hotel itself has a complete spa where visitors can rest and forget their stress as they gaze out at the lake and countryside.