7 Calming Retreats in India to Find Yourself


7. The Baradari Palace

Photo: the-baradari-palace.neemranahotels.com

The palace is to be described by only one word – majestic! This includes everything, the history, the architecture, the premises, the interior, etc. The Baradari Palace was designed by Maharaja`s brother, and it is located in the historic area Patiala in Punjab. Now the palace is a famous exotic hotel where, by the way, a few Bollywood films were shot.

The Baradari Palace is a white colonnaded building surrounded by 12 arches and a fabulous garden. This 19th century architectural marvel will give you a very royal feeling with all those antique things around, huge doors and windows, fireplaces, Raja`s portraits on the walls and huge bathrooms. Here you can easily feel yourself as a prince of those days.

By visiting these fantastic places you will not only relieve your soul and body, but also get experience and emotions of a lifetime. Do not hesitate much, adventurous India is waiting for you! Where would you prefer to go?