7 Calming Retreats in India to Find Yourself


3. The Shakti 360° Leti

Mountains have always been something unknown, majestic to see, and you can`t stop admiring them. I think everybody would agree to the fact that having your vacations in mountains may be really extraordinary. But if the mountains are Himalayas, no one can resist the temptation! When you make up your mind to go, you are to choose to visit the Shakti 360° Leti.

It is a tiny resort, situated 8,000 feet up in the Kumaon Himalayas, northern part of Uttarakhand. You will find only four luxury cottages there, but mind that when you see the view through the glass walls, your jaw will drop a mile. From your outdoor private sitting area you will observe a breathtaking chain of snow-capped mountains. You can enjoy this fantastic scene from October to March, when the snow doesn`t melt in sun.

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