5 Biggest Cities in the US in 2017


5. Philadelphia, PA

Population: 1,567,442

Nickname: The City of Brotherly Love

Brimming with historical landmarks and a culture all of its own, Philadelphia is a name that everyone around the world knows to some extent. Whatever your impression of it may be, Philadelphia has a vast collection of trendy restaurants, art galleries, top notch medical facilities, excellent higher-level education institutions, and an international population that has influenced the city’s growth.

Several large companies that are available all throughout America also call Philadelphia their main headquarters, like CIGNA, Comcast, and more.

Each of these five cities have a large amount of people living in close quarters, but there is also the large suburban sprawl branching away from modern urban regions of skyscrapers and metro train stations. Whether you live in one of these cities or someday hope to visit, be ready from an incredible spread of buildings, people, and opportunities.