10 Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Las Vegas


10. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas

Steve Wynn, the owner of two famous hotel casinos in Las Vegas, turned to a vegan diet. In doing so, he asked the restaurants in his hotels to come up with dishes that are healthy to serve customers with the same lifestyle. At Society Café, their most popular vegetarian dish is a market chopped salad with edamame, pumpkin seeds, celery, avocado, and carrots. The chefs at the Country Club have enhanced their menus with vegetarian delights such as gazpacho with jicama, tomato, cilantro, avocado, and yucca crisp. Even Wynn’s SW Steakhouse serves vegetarian meals that delight the palette.

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Whether you live in Las Vegas or are planning to visit the city, these restaurants are worth a visit. While some of them are rather expensive, others offer good prices. Anyway, you won’t notice the difference, because all of them cook delicious vegetarian meals. What’s your favorite vegetarian restaurant in Las Vegas?