10 Great Pop Up Hotels around the World


10. Snoozebox, Various Locations, United Kingdom

Photo: snoozebox.com

Snoozebox pop-up hotels are comprised of converted shipping containers grouped in collections varying in size from 40 to 400 rooms. Each individual shoebox sized room nonetheless contains all the usual amenities travelers expect, including comfortable beds, air conditioning, private baths, televisions and Wi-Fi connections. Snoozeboxes accommodated many of the attendees of the 2012 Olympics.

Each of these accommodations has unique features, yet many of them share several features, including spectacular scenery, small size and first-class accommodations. Would-be guests should book early – besides being temporary, these pop-up hotels are often booked out months in advance. Guests should also be prepared to open their wallets. While many of these accommodations are tent-based or converted shipping containers, there is nothing rustic about any of them.