10 Best Hostels in Australia


10. PK’s Jungle Village in Cape Tribulation

At many hostels and hotels, you only get the opportunity to mingle with fellow travelers. At PK’s Jungle Village, though, the locals consider the place a great hang out. You get to have fun this way. PK’s Jungle Village is set in the beautiful rainforest. Even the bathrooms are set out in the forest for a true Jungle Book-like experience. The hostel offers excellent camping facilities too.

Australia’s has plenty of other excellent hostels too. If you find yourself in Cairns, the Calypso has great food and helpful staff. Magnetic Island has an excellent Base hostel with a spectacular pool. If you’re heading to Australia, you should try one of these hostels even if you can afford a proper hotel. A proper hotel wouldn’t give you a chance to meet crowds of young, energetic people from all over the world.