10 Best and Cheapest Countries for Backpackers


10. Indonesia

The last but not least cheap country for backpackers is Indonesia. There are clear seas, beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic rainforests, and a unique culture to explore. In fact, there are many things to see and to do in Indonesia which don’t require money.

You can take a stroll along the sandy beaches, you can swim in the sea, or you can discover the fantastic rainforest and all for free. Head to the Sumba Island to try fishing, snorkeling, surfing, or consider visiting one of the best beaches in Bali.

Now that you are aware of the list of the cheapest countries for backpackers, you know that it’s possible to travel when you are on a tight budget. Sure, you can backpack almost anywhere on a budget, you just need to do your research and plan well before going to any country. What’s your favorite place to backpack?