15 Most Beautiful Places to Enjoy Solitude


Four Places in the City

If getting out into Nature isn’t possible, yet you feel the need for respite and want to escape the rush, every city has places that encourage ways to experience solitude and refresh your spirit. These can be as simple as:

A visit to a museum on a rainy day. While the rain comes down outside you can wander slowly through the rooms looking at the art, not even studying it unless it catches your interest, just relaxing in the silence.

If the city has a river it will have pedestrian bridges where you can stand and just watch the sky and water, or ships passing by below. Even with the sound of traffic, you get a feeling of being in your own space.

Some cities have parks that allow horseback riding along wooded trails. Bike riding will do just as well. Both give you time in your own inner world.

Many alcoves and small green parks have been created beside business offices. Some areas in a city are set aside for people to stop and take a little time off. These are open spaces and sometimes have a small waterfall or fountain.

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Do you have a place you go to when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, somewhere you can feel solitude and its inevitable peacefulness? Do you let go of your material connection to the world for a little while sometimes?